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meet the bohemian bulldogs

Bohemian Bulldog is an NFT that opens the doors to our private community called "The Diamond club". Join top artists, influencers, crypto millionaires and grow with us!



Who we are?

We're the team of five regular guys who made their first money on crypto and online marketing. And now having extensive resources and experience, we're coming with the long-term strategic roadmap to conquer the NFT world!

The Bohemian Bulldogs are inspired by the 70's/80's era of fashion from artists like YSL and Andy Warhol. We see the eighties as a period of time with a different way of looking at life, dressing and expressing yourself. It was a time of rebellion, when people expressed themselves how they really wanted.

With Bohemian Bulldogs, our ambition is to create a #1 community around the project.We need to be surrounded by thinkers and creators to do what nobody else does. Our community already has lots of interesting, powerful, smart and rich people. So we are evolving much faster together!

Owning a BB NFT means joining our private community with early exclusive access to our projects, experience and connections.

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Our tutorials

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Bohemian bulldogs
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There are only 10.000 unique Bohemian Bulldogs on planet Earth. And they are splitted into 5 collections: Street, Bohemian, Boho, Business and Capsule. Check them out:



These Bulldogs are the ones that show their style not with clothing but with chains and high-end accessories. Hairstyle isn't something to worry about!

1500 units

See Collection

Sporty flex

Street Style

Free, mischievous and unrepeatable design revived with the most recognized and emblematic backgrounds

5000 units

See Collection

Top fashioned


The top 1% rarest clothing and the most expressive Bulldogs there are!

100 units

See Collection

Colorfully moderate


Tattooed Bulldogs with plain colored clothing got used to express themselves differently

2500 units

See Collection

Solidly exclusive


These Wall Street Dogs are the real gangsters. Elegant. Smooth. Slick. ufff

900 units

See Collection


Community is the #1 asset there is. Steve Jobs and us, we think that great things in business are never done by one. So the main idea behind the Bohemian Bulldogs project is to unite the best community out there to conquer the top together

bohemian bulldogs commuity


Join us on Discord!


Of course you get an appreciating asset that may give you 10x in future.

Of course you're getting exclusive access to the BB staking and can earn money by doing nothing.

Of course you're able to participate in community-only giveaways and contests.

Of course you're joining the most mindful and smart community there is.

Of course you're getting a Female Bulldog NFT for free.

Of course you're getting the exclusive alpha access to all of our dApp develpments.

But you get a nice profile picture too ๐Ÿฅบ





Bohemian Bulldogs (BB) can be minted and are being revealed to the world. There will only ever be 10,000 unique BB.




2% to the team
3% for airdrops, referral program
5% SpacePunk community


Oct 16


dApp (decentralized application) for the analysis and comparison of the NFT projects. It will be the main instrument for every crypto investor.


Oct 17


Sale will start with the price of 0.09 ETH per BB NFT. On sold-out: referral system payouts will be sent to the participantsโ€™ wallets.



Bulldogs Family

Immediately after the sell-out, we will be starting to increase the value standing behind the Bohemian Bulldogs NFTs by creating the Bulldogs Family: female Bulldogs will be dropped for free to all BB NFT owners and will be the only way to make Bohemian Puppies.




dApp (decentralized application) for the analysis and comparison of the NFT projects. It will be the main instrument for every crypto investor.




Ecosystem token creation with its farming logic and exclusive conditions to all Bohemian Bulldogs family members. DEX listing




First-ever monopoly-like decentralized financial game inside the Bulldogs ecosystem.

Letโ€™s talk

Here you can see our team members' interviews, talk shows participation and hear some opinions about the project

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Bohemian Bulldogs' success is based on the team of best managers, investors, marketers, illustrators and blockchain experts


Stan is a visionary guy with a dream that turned into Bohemian Bulldogs. Lover of new experiences and new challenges, an experienced crypto investor and a very disciplined guy.


Vladimir is responsible for #toTheMoon of the Bohemian Bulldogs. Growth hacker, marketing guru and a brilliant negotiator.

Community Angel

Alex is the one who is talking to the community 24/7. We do not believe he is a real human but the video calls we have prove us wrong.


Future Picasso of the NFT world. His works are causing excitement more than the hottest girls. His inspiration helped us create the best art on the market.


Adrian is a professional developer and blockchain expert. He has created smart contracts for the first tier soccer teams, fashion brands and auto manufacturers. This guy is a real deal.

SMM King

Carl is the man of his word, he controls social networks posts better that a schedule robot. And he even makes time to play Dota somehow ๐Ÿง


First ever referral system built into the smart contract on the market. Invite your friends or social network subscribers to mint Bohemian Bulldogs with your referral link and get 10% back out of the ETH amount they spend.

The conditions are the following:

  • You get 1 point for every referred NFT mint. These point are fully transparent and are stored in the blockchain. Everyone will be able to see the referral stats on our website or on etherscan.
  • After the sale ends we will be sending ETH to referral participants' wallets.
    1 point = 0.005 ETH

    Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.025 ETH (5 points)

  • Additionally for every 100 referred minters you will be getting a random Bohemian Bulldog NFT as a reward for your outstanding promotion of our project

If you are a big influencer and are willing to negotiate special conditions for yourself โ€” feel free to contact us in Twitter @BohemianDogs

If you are a big influencer and are willing to negotiate special conditions for yourself โ€” feel free to contact us in Twitter @BohemianDogs


What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, a one-of-a-kind digital asset that is not interchangeable with another similar item. This means that each of the 10,000 Bohemian Bulldogs has its own set of metadata proving its uniqueness and ownership, which is encrypted on the blockchain. It is a unique digital item that users can buy, own and trade. BB's NFTs are created uniquely and exclusively by our artists, all hand-drawn and then registered on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFT contract governing ownership is a standard ERC-721 that works with any compatible service or exchange. The main function of some NFTs is to be digital art and look good, think of it as a rare work of art that as the community that owns them grows, it can greatly increase their value.

What is Metamask? Do I need to have it to make purchases of your NFTs?

Metamask is a crypto wallet that can store your Ethereum, and is needed to purchase and mint Bohemian Bulldogs. Having a wallet gives you an Ethereum address (i.e. 0xABCDโ€ฆ.1234), this is where your NFT will be stored. Learn more about Metamask and how easy it is to use over here.

How and Who can buy Bohemian Bulldogs?

Once we launch you are able to mint BB NFTยดs from our website using metamask or walletconnect for a fixed price of 0.05 - 0.09 ETH (depends on sale volume) each + gas. They will be random. When we are sold out they will only be on the secondary market like

When does the sale start?

The time and date will be revealed soon, be sure to check out our social media so you don't miss a thing. We will have a minting interface on the website. Once the minting process has begun, a randomly generated 10,000 with our pool of assets will be created just for you, using our rarity algorithm. The minting process is a lot of fun and can generate some incredibly rare Bulldogs, with a very high value on the secondary market. Don't worry if you miss the launch, as Bohemian Bulldogs will be available on the secondary market of Opensea.

Can I sell and trade Bohemian Bulldogs? Will the NFTs be sold on open marketplaces?

Primary sales of our NFTs will be on and next our tokens will appear on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea for resale purchase. You will be able to immediately sell and trade BB on However, we recommend you HODL. Bohemian Bulldogs NFTs will adhere to the ERC-721 standard.

What's the story behind the BB characters?

We admire 80's culture and artists like YLS and Andy Warhol and the characters represent the Bulldog traits they most admired. We focused on traits that we believed would lead you to succumb at that time and connect the goodness of that breed of dogs, the freedom and creativity of those years and the current technology possibilities. All our characters created and based on popular culture references. Discover it yourself.

Where can I interact with other Bohemian Bulldogs NFT collectors?

Weโ€™re always hanging out on our BB discord channel.

How do I claim my free Bohemian Bulldogs?

You need to follow us on social networks, check our website and participate in the infinite options of airdrops and giveaways that we will be doing, according to our ROAD MAP.

Which is your smart contract?

Verified smart contract address: (it is a test one, after audit, we will publish a new correct one)

What about tokenomics?

Excluding the first 1000 Bohemian Bulldogs that we reserve for marketing and our own use, the remaining tokens, out of the maximum supply of 9000, will be sold at an initial base price of 0.05 ETH down to 0.09 ETH in the final round of sale. Once the maximum supply is reached, the smart contract is no longer capable of minting any more. We will never create more.